About Us

It is our commitment at Siyathanda Cleaning Services:

  • To be an industry leader in professional cleaning services.
  • To provide excellence and service satisfaction with a timely response.
  • To develop cohesive strategies by providing innovative and cost effective solutions for all the Clients cleaning requirements.
  • To build a long and prosperous relationship with our Client.
  • To utilize technology and thereby benefit by it’s advantages.
  • To project a positive and professional image at your premises.
  • To train and motivate our staff in such a way that our dedication to the Client` s requirements will guarantee Client satisfaction.
  • To not only satisfy our customers but also to impress and leave an indelible impression with our customers that Siyathanda Cleaning Services are the best.   


  • We undertake at all times to seek innovative and economical methods, which will create the most cost effective service available to our Client.
  • Upon aiming to provide quality service to our Client, highly motivated professional teams will maintain the Client` s vehicles / premises to specific or unique requirements.
  • We undertake to provide an all-inclusive service. All the necessary supervision, material, equipment and labour are built in, thereby quoting our Client a fixed monthly charge for the Client` s cleaning needs, with no extra or unforeseen costs.
  • Our contract is essentially an all-inclusive service with all the necessary labour, materials, supervision and equipment provided for.
  • We strive to free your valuable time so that you can concentrate on your core business. With this in mind, Siyathanda Cleaning Services will provide motivated staff to take care of your cleaning requirements allowing the Client to concentrate on more important matters.


Training & Quality 

  • Training is an essential, ongoing process, which our company regards with the utmost importance.
  • All the staff at Siyathanda Cleaning Services is trained to an impeccable standard.
  • Our labour force is carefully selected and trained to complete every task appointed to them adequately.
  • Chemical and equipment training is, where necessary, dealt with by qualified chemical and equipment suppliers.


The management of our company is structured around each individual cleaning contract.

Management will call on your premises on a regular basis.

Management will perform the following duties:

  • Monthly site inspections with an assigned member of your company.
  • Control time and attendance logs.
  • Set up and manage job descriptions.
  • Conduct cleanliness and hygiene inspections.     
  • Issue and control all cleaning materials and chemicals.


Various methods are employed ensuring the safety of your premises:

  • All employee references are checked and screened before employment is considered.
  • Employment records of all staff are kept.
  • Identity cards and photos can be supplied if required.
For more info phone: (011) 827-9150 / 082 684-7990 For more info phone: (011) 827-9150 / 082 684-7990